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A Brighter Smile - A Healthier Life

Proper oral hygiene can lead to a happier and healthier life. The mouth is a window to the rest of your body and not brushing your teeth and flossing regularly can lead to other health problems. Your mouth contains a certain amount of bacteria, most of these are harmless but bad oral health practices can leave these unchecked and possibly result infection in other parts of your body.
Periodontal disease, is brought about by not caring for your teeth and gums and is a severe form of gum disease damaging the soft tissues of your mouth and can lead to loss of teeth. 
Fortunately these conditions can be reversed most of the time by seeing your dentist regualrly and brushing & flossing daily. 
Dr Jeff Mallette has been treating patients and creating brighter smiles since 1990. From Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to Dental Implants we can provide routine care or emergency dental work.

Just some of the Dental Services we provide:

Periodontal Therapy
Dr. Mallette provides primary periodontal (gum tissue) care and maintenance in order to improve attachment of the gums to your teeth. With regular evaluations and scalings, along with other treatments, those with periodontal disease will better be able to keep their teeth for an extended time!
Jaw Pain Therapy
Removing infected or extraneous teeth while minimizing trauma to the patient is our goal. It is important that the patients follow the post-op instructions given by the staff to ensure complete and quick healing.
Root Canal Therapy
Fluoride and sealants (tooth-colored material that fills the deep pits and grooves of teeth) may be applied to the primary and adult teeth to preserve enamel.
Mouth Guards
Sleep Apnea
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