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Beautiful Kids Teeth

We LOVE kids — and we want to see as many boys and girls as possible in our Canton dental office!

Children are more apt to develop good dental hygiene habits when their parents make and keep regular cleaning appointments. And start them early: children should begin visiting the dentist at age 3!

From toddlers to teens, we want every kid to have a positive experience with their dentist. We provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere for all young people to receive their regular checkups.

Dr. Mallette will personally inspect the teeth, gums and oral health of every child. It’s critical to check the progress of dental development; that way, if any issues do arise, we will spot them early and correct them immediately.

Our office visits are affordable, so do your best to schedule your kids for a trip to the dentist at least twice per year. They’ll thank you for it when they’re grown!
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