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When you visit Dr. Jeff Mallette for a cleaning, the exam he provides during your appointment is of equal importance. There’s more to dental health than “My teeth don’t hurt so I must be okay.” It’s critical to identify gum, tooth and oral issues and then treat those issues, so that they don’t become overall health problems.
The following are just some of the oral and dental health treatments available from Dr. Jeff Mallette:

  • Periodontal Therapy 
    Dr. Mallette provides primary periodontal (gum tissue) care and maintenance in order to improve attachment of the gums to your teeth. With regular evaluations and scalings, along with other treatments, those with periodontal disease will better be able to keep their teeth for an extended time!

  • Jaw Pain Therapy
    Many patients suffer jaw pain. Common symptoms include pain in or around the ear, tenderness of the jaw, clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth, or even headaches and neck aches. Our professional staff will identify the source of the jaw pain and offer solutions to reduce that pain.

  • Extractions
    Removing infected or extraneous teeth while minimizing trauma to the patient is our goal. It is important that the patients follow the post-op instructions given by the staff to ensure complete and quick healing.

  • Root Canal Therapy
    With the latest techniques and equipment, Dr. Mallette makes root canals relatively simple and painless procedure. In addition, he completes most of them in one appointment. He saves your tooth by removing the diseased or injured pulp, cleaning the canal and sealing it off for protection. He then places a crown over the tooth to make it stronger.

  • Sealants
    Fluoride and sealants (tooth-colored material that fills the deep pits and grooves of teeth) may be applied to the primary and adult teeth to preserve enamel.

  • Mouth Guards
    Playing sports? Dr. Mallette recommends creating custom-fitted mouth guards both for you and your children! Anytime anyone is involved in a sport or activity that could result in injury to the face or mouth, a mouth guard is a great idea. Mouth guards are specifically made to comfortably fit you or your child. The proper fit should allow the wearer to more easily talk and breath while still protecting the smile!

  • Crowns
    For teeth with larger amounts of decay, you may need a crown or onlay to cover the tooth and restore it to its natural shape and size. The porcelain and gold crowns used by Dr. Jeff Mallette maintain the stability of your original teeth while making them stronger — and improving their appearance!

  • Bridges
    For patients missing one or more teeth, bridges are one option to help restore your smile. The bridge consists of two crowns over existing teeth, attached to an artificial porcelain tooth in between to replace the missing tooth. The bridges used by our staff help maintain the shape of your face, as well as alleviate the stress in your bite by replacing any missing teeth.

  • Sleep Apnea
    Many patients have problems sleeping due to sleep apnea. Dr. Mallette makes sleep guards to wear at night that can greatly improve airflow and reduce snoring and blocked airways which results in a much more restful night of sleeping.

About Dr. Jeff Mallette

Dr. Jeff Mallette has been practicing dentistry since 1990, and is a graduate of Walsh University. He received his Doctorate of Dental Services degree from Ohio State University Dental School in 1990, then completed a dental residency program at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. He is passionate about providing quality dental care to all of his patients.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your dental care provider.

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